{September 6, 2011}   Versatile Blogger award

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Today I received an award for our blog, yippee! It is a Versatile Blogger Award from


I’m seriously flattered. It’s also so good to know that people are actually reading stuff that you have written. So a big massive thanks Rebecca!

If you’d like to participate in this award scheme, this is what you do:


The Versatile Blogger Award is a way to give recognition to other bloggers you follow and whom others might not yet have discovered. Thank you.

There are four simple rules for The Versatile Blogger Award:

  • Post a link to the person who gave you the award thanking them for the award. Yea.
  • Tell your readers seven random things about yourself.
  • Award 15 newly discovered blogs.
  • Send them a note letting them know you nominated them.

So random stuff about me? Let me see.

  1. I like feet. So does Dexter.
  2. I find bald women really attractive, it brings out their eyes, and vulnerability.
  3. Live performance makes me cry. I’m soppy yeah.
  4. Grumpy men fascinate me.
  5. I cook a mean Curry Goat.
  6. Slow cookers rule ( linked to number 5)
  7. I hate magic, unless it’s done by Dynamo. ( Look him up, you’ll thank me)


So here are the awards:

  1. First goes to  Girl With a Dirty Mind     a frank and open dialogue with a yes, you guessed it , a girl with a dirty mind.
  2. Second goes to The Other Side of Girl with a Dirty Mind  so good I named her twice! I like well rounded women, and I’m not talking about dress size… but actually I do like a curve as well.
  3. Third goes to Love Letters to My Pussy  which is not about cats. 😉
  4. Fourth goes to Turned on Woman  great blog written by a very smart lady.
  5. Fifth goes to Live Love by Stu Strang a blog that defies precis, but is so worth a read and revisit.
  6. Sixth to the Ramblings of Zoya Lynne , an open and honest journey of one woman’s self discovery
  7. Seventh to Not Over the Hill Just Yet! the title sort of tells you, but it’s the adventures of one very confident lady.
  8. Eighth to Black Door Press deep explorations into all aspects of life, especially those of power play.
  9. Ninth to probably one of my favourite blogs EVER The Good Men Project . As a woman who has been burned by men in the past, this  blog restores my faith in the male gender. A must read.
  10. Tenth to Musings from the Flipside heartfelt words from a young woman.
  11. Eleventh to Alphasiren , an exploration of unconventional relationships.

Okay, I’m going to break the rules somewhat. I’ve run out. What can I say, I’m a newbie to blogging. So sue me.

Maybe you can suggest the other four for me?




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