{August 13, 2011}   Dexter’s first swing club experience

What the hell am I doing here?
How do I get myself into these situations?
Some way or another Suzy has managed to get me here.
I’ve always been curious about these types of parties but never envisioned I’d be dead centre in one of them, let alone the focus of attention.

I could feel the eyes on me from the moment I stepped in the venue, I felt no different from how young black men feel in most situations: being the only black face in the office, walking into a department store and being followed like a thief even though you may have enough money to buy the whole store, walking down the high street and witnessing white women pull their handbags to their chest like they have something you want  (if I really wanted her purse I’d simply take it) or seeing old white folk cross the street to avoid you.
That’s the life of a black male, or should I say minority, in this country. Always a suspect no matter how honest and hard working you are.

That’s the feeling I got when I stepped into this place. Suzy tried to reassure me that I wasn’t a suspect and that they were staring because I was hands-down the most handsome man in the building!  Not to sound vain but that was the truth as the standard of men in there wasn’t very high.
I was gob smacked to see absolutely stunning women with wrinkly old men. Was it money or true love? It was none of my business to be honest. As long as they were happy with each other, that’s all that mattered.

Suzy and I chilled in the bar area for the first twenty minutes as I wasn’t ready to enter the play area yet but that wasn’t a problem as the play area seemed to come to us.
Out from behind the curtain appeared a blonde stunner, stark naked with the exception of some fuck-me-boots, followed by the ‘Barrister’ and then another stunner. Brunette this time, she was followed by a short dude.  She must have towered over him by at least seven inches.
At this point I became even more nervous as I could now envision a fuck fest from hell behind those curtains… I shouldn’t be there!
Eventually I plucked up the courage to be led into the playroom by Suzy. Yet again all eyes were on me as we entered. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to see two fellow black men in there. The first was part of an interracial couple and the second dude, to my surprise, was one half of a black couple.
We found a bench that wasn’t occupied and sat down. As cool as I am in most situations, my nerves clearly showed on my face as the young lady from the black couple approached me and said,
“Don’t look so scared babe, we won’t kill you!”

My eyes were wide open as I was taking in the experience. A lot of the people there looked like innocent primary school teachers; the type of people that on face value would appear to have boring lives! If only their peers knew how exciting their lives really were.
There were loads of female heads bobbing up and down in men’s laps, men on their knees with their heads buried in between women’s legs. I’d never seen anything like this at first hand before.
As I sat there with my mouth and eyes wide open, a blonde beauty led a guy in leather pants to the empty couch behind us. Before I knew it his pants were around his ankles and he jumped on top of her.
He was pounding away as she screamed with her legs in the air. He looked dead at me and winked. This could have been taken the wrong way as I was warned there would be a few bisexual men that may take a fancy to my arse, but as far as I was concerned it was nothing more than acknowledgement of my watching and enjoying the view.
It was all over pretty quick. As he pulled off the condom and dropped it on the floor, I turned back around and continued to chat with Suzy. I felt a presence behind me. I looked to my right .It was the same dude standing behind me with his erection sitting on my shoulder. “What the hell!” I said quickly moving to my left. He quickly dispersed with embarrassment.

As I returned from the bar with our rum and cokes in hand, Suzy made it clear that she wanted to play. I thought it was about time I did something, as that was the reason we were there after all.
I laid her on her back and with the ice from the rum and coke in my mouth I proceeded to go down on her. Boy, did she like that!
As we were playing, one of the many couples that had been waiting to pounce on us didn’t waste any time to seize the moment. Not that they did much, just fondled Suzy’s breasts as she lay on her back.
That didn’t last too long as I became very aware of how many pairs of eyes were focused on us. People there were familiar with Suzy and were well aware of her squirting, which is always in popular demand.
I felt uncomfortable and stopped what I was doing. Suzy was a little disappointed but understood my position.

It was pretty clear that performing in front of a crowd may take a while to get used to; I still had a few butterflies floating around in my stomach as I felt under pressure to perform but for whom?

1) I knew that there were people in the room that wanted to play with us but didn’t want to approach as they could see I wasn’t totally at ease. It’s not like I didn’t want to play. It’s just that my body wouldn’t cooperate.

2) I wanted to play for Suzy’s sake; I wanted to please her but didn’t have the bottle to do so. I felt bad and inadequate. It couldn’t have been nice for her to have a nice looking man accompany her to a club and not play with her. That must have been embarrassing.

3) I wanted to prove something to myself also: how comes all these other dudes can get it up so damn easy? Why couldn’t I be like them?
I was the youngest dude in there and being out performed by granddads, for crying out loud! What the hell was wrong with me? Only time would tell.
We noticed that the couch behind us was empty and decided to sit there.
After a few minutes of kissing and fondling, we noticed that another black couple had arrived. They made their way over to the couch; we smiled at them and continued doing as we were.
As we pulled up for air from our kiss we noticed that the other black couple had now occupied our couch. Suzy and I found this amusing and I labelled this corner the Negro League.
Not sure who kicked things off, but before I knew it the six of us were touching and fondling. I felt more at ease now, still no erection but at least the butterflies were gone.
As we were groping, I noticed the glare from a lady that we call Curly Haired Woman.  Some anonymous man was fucking her from behind. She watched with envy, not paying much attention to what was happening behind her.
You could see she longed to play in the Negro League. 
There was nothing stopping her except for the dick that was inside her, I knew she was gunning for me and she was attractive after all, but she would have been disappointed had she played with me, as she would find out for herself in the future!
As Curly Haired Woman watched on, we continued to play with these two couples. Nothing major was happening until Suzy decided to get stuck into one of these black cuties.
As black girl number one assumed the on all fours position, Suzy began to finger her. To my amazement that didn’t last long as Suzy quickly pulled away with a horrible frown on her face.
Black girl number one didn’t see this expression. Not that it mattered, as the guy from the second couple quickly grabbed her from behind.
Suzy took one look at me and said, “Smell this!” As she pulled her finger towards my face I smelt this awful rotten fishy smell.
“What the hell is that?” I said. Suzy looked at me and said
“ B.V(bacterial vaginosis) no way am I going down on her.”

By this time black couples had made a swap, Black guy one took Black Girl two to the other side of the room to fuck her as Black Guy two and Black Girl one remained on the couch. Black Guy two looked in my direction and asked for a condom. Before I could say yes, Suzy had given him one from her purse. It wasn’t like she was going to need it. It was obvious we wouldn’t be full swapping with anyone that night.
Suzy and I sat back and watched him go at it for about thirty seconds. That had to be the quickest shag ever! Black Girl one didn’t look impressed.

I turned my attention to another dude who had been working the room like no other man that night. I had seen him fuck at least seven other women and now he was on his eighth, a cute brunette who had been eyeing me up all night.
Have to admit I was envious of this mans prowess. That could have been me hammering the shit out of her, had I had the bottle to perform.
He put her on a stool, put her legs way up in the air and continued to bang away. I have to say I didn’t admire his technique: very short quick strokes like a rabbit. I would later come to find out in future visits that many men with short dicks have the same technique, but hey! At least he can get it up, unlike me. What’s the point of having a big dick if it doesn’t work on command?
Suzy told me that it was the Viagra that they used. I’m not so sure.

As the night wore on, there was still no erection. Despite Suzy’s best attempts at arousing me and even though I was surrounded by sex, I still had no luck.
I noticed the lady from the couple who fondled Suzy’s breast earlier. She was in the middle of the floor giving head to one guy as her husband watched on. He was clearly a voyeur .He was not there to play as much as his wife, to whom we would later refer to as Danger Mouse, quite a fitting name.
It was getting late by this time and a few couples had left which obviously meant fewer women to play with.
There were lots of men wanking, watching other people fuck and hoping to sneak in a quick blowjob.
As Danger Mouse gave a blowjob, other men saw their opportunity and pounced.  Her husband didn’t seem to mind that there were now four dicks surrounding her instead of the one.
She grabbed two of the dicks that surrounded her and gave them hand jobs, just before she allowed the third to enter her mouth. She looked dead at me with a look that said everything, how do I get myself out of this mess? It was clear she didn’t want to pleasure all those dicks, but didn’t have the nerve or the courage to say no and disappoint all those horny men.
I felt the urge to go and help her out but that was not my job. That was down to her husband to do that, and if he was cool with the situation then who was I to intervene? After all she was a grown woman and was more than capable of opening her mouth. Just because it was a swingers club doesn’t mean you can’t say no.
My job was to protect Suzy from harm, not every woman in the club.
The DJ informed everyone that the night would be over in ten minutes .I was determined to fuck Suzy before we left the venue.

Not sure what came over me but I suddenly had a raging hard on. I wish it had been there the whole night, for fucks sake! But better late then never.
Suzy was delighted and eagerly assumed doggy position. I pulled down my pants and hastily went to work, as I didn’t have much time with which to work. I knew the remaining people in the club would gather round so I closed my eyes to block them out. I knew that their presence might cause me to lose the erection that had eluded me all night.
I pounded away for about five to seven minutes, which resorted in Suzy squirting all over my trousers, which were dangling by my ankles.
I eventually came, pulling out and spraying Suzy’s arse with my cum. Damn that felt good! What a relief! Surely my next visit would be a big success now that I’d managed to jump this high hurdle!

I didn’t realise that Black Girl one was watching no less than two feet away. She had a huge smile on her face. She then asked Suzy if I was as good as I sounded.
“Of course”, said Suzy, “In fact he’s better!”


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